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The Middle Ages: Women, Chivalry and Romance.

Uploaded by kutiekay on Apr 04, 2013

In the Middle Ages, a woman was a worthy wife, chivalry governed behaviors, and romance was used to trace adventures. According to the Middle Ages 1066-1485 by David Adams Leeming, a woman was always subservient to a man. However, chivalry contained specific rules which honored women, and romance literature often contained stories which undertook quests to conquer evil enemies or involved situations where a woman needed to be saved. These were very important and actually distinguished the Middle Ages from other times.
Women were often seemed as servants to the opposite sex, usually to a father, brother, or husband. They had no political rights, and did not have the authority to make any political choices since the political system was primarily military. The respect of a woman was highly demanded when it came to her husband’s or father’s social standing. A peasant woman’s life seemed never ending as a result of the things they had to do. Along with bearing children, they also had a ceaseless amount of house work and hard fieldwork on their agenda which had to be done every day. Women of higher statuses were also occupied with childbearing and housework. While the husbands are away on business or at war, the women have to monitor the state of the house and the family, but they have to give up their temporary power the minute their husbands returned home.In an anonymous quote made in the 15th century, the writer stated, ‘A woman is a worthy wight: She serveth a man both daye and nyght; Thereto she putteth all her might, And yet she hathe but care and woe’.
The behaviors of knights and gentlewomen were governed by a system of ideals and social codes known as the chivalry. Chivalry contained rules which involved taking an oath of loyalty to the overlord. Rules of warfare were also to be observed by the people, and in addition to this, self-improvement was shown whenever a particular lady was being adored. Under the chivalry was a concept known as courtly love, which was nonsexual. In a battle, a knight might wear his lady’s colors to show respect for her. He might also speak highly and be inspired by her, but the woman...

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Uploaded by:   kutiekay

Date:   04/04/2013

Category:   Film

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The Middle Ages: Women, Chivalry and Romance.

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