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Should capital punishment be abolished?

Uploaded by Awfiya on May 24, 2013

Capital punishment also known as death penalty is the punishment of death which is generally awarded to those guilty of heinous crimes, particularly murder and child rape. At first, capital punishment was applied all over the world beginning in the 18th century. The traditional way of awarding this punishment is "hanging by the neck" till the death of the criminal but there are other methods such as shooting, electric chair, lethal gas and so on. However, in recent months it has been an issue in whether the death penalty should or should not be abolished.
First of all, prison are not hard enough on their inmates. Prisoners that are held while their crimes are being investigated are treated too nicely. This could take days, months, even years. These persons are allowed to watch television o attend school in case they are released later.
Also, almost everyone in the world fear death and think about it almost every day of their life and could do anything to prevent it or stay away from what can cause it. When people are aware that they will be punished with death if they commit a crime such as murder, their fear of death will discourage them from committing crimes.
Some people would argue that death penalty is murder so we would in fact only be repeating the crime. However, to others, death penalty isn't murder, it is society's self-defense. These persons would say: “Is it wrong for a police officer to speed in order to catch a speeder? Some cases require the offense to be repeated in order for justice to be served. Furthermore, if someone walks up to a person and punches him, then gets punched in return...you do not have two cases of assault.”, or “Life is our most precious possession. This is exactly what Capital punishment teaches. Capital punishment let all murderers know that they will have to abandon their lives if they take the life of someone else.”
Despite all the pros of capital punishment, there are also a lot of reasons why this kind of punishment should be completely abolished. Some of these reasons are:
Every human being is entitled to receive a second chance in life whatever crime he or she did as nobody is perfect. Putting a convict behind bars is always a logical option than killing him, as there is a chance that he may improve. People who have...

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Uploaded by:   Awfiya

Date:   05/24/2013

Category:   Law

Length:   3 pages (630 words)

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Should capital punishment be abolished?

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