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Plagiarism and Cheat

Uploaded by minhkhoi198b on Aug 30, 2018

A Plagiarism is a steal action of a writer. This action will make that owner to damage their paragraph. It is destroying a time and idea from that owner. Because that owner thinks why don’t a writer write their own idea? And a writer doesn’t has knowledge or research it. I glad about America Education reject A Plagiarism paragraph from a writer’s action. An America Education won’t forgive that action because that action isn’t right. They will punish about zero score to a writer. If you are in high school, university and college then a teacher caught cheat from you. You will be punish by zero grade. The teacher give a warning to you. Next time, you will drop that class. Example for you. I am a student in a college. I take ESOL Writing class. My schedule class has two class twice a week. They are Tuesday and Thursday. Thursdays has a computer lab class at morning. Alice is my teacher. She is professional teacher of writing. During the class, she give me an assignments about a Peace kingdom Movie. I researched it in an internet. I copy at least a whole paragraph and some words there. I submit done. My teacher saw my stuff. I surprise it. Oh my god. “How do they do it?” I thought. I cried myself. If she grade zero to an essay. That essay has failed grade in a total grade. If I shouldn’t copy some owner’s idea then I have a good score. That is my lesson I ever had. Please don’t do that because it isn’t helpful to you for knowledge. It is damage to you in the future. My friend told their experience to cheat a college and university in U.S.A. I think so much and thank you very much for lining

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Uploaded by:   minhkhoi198b

Date:   08/30/2018

Category:   College

Length:   1 pages (302 words)

Views:   173

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Plagiarism and Cheat

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