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'Nature's Way' A story for nature appreciation

Uploaded by artik on May 23, 2006

It was the morning it all began, the start of the Hunnington Project. John Longview was the son of the owner of Hunnington-Scott Papers (HSP). Michael, his father, had just finalized the project a week before, and it was already beginning. The company had just bought an entire thousand acres of Brazilian land. The land was blooming with life, not only animal, but also vegitation. Trees were the vegitation HSP was after. After all, what else is paper made out of, for cheap that is.

John was the kind of guy you’d find handing the dollar out the window to the man holding a cardboard sign at the stop light just after getting a coffee at Starbuck’s drive-through window in his ’78 ‘Hippie Van.’ Much different than his farther you would say, some would say it was out of spite. John would say, it’s the right way. The Longviews were a very well off family, “loaded”if you will. Being the owners of North America’s top paper products producer, dealing with the enviroment was last on their objectives list. John was completely con forest depletion for paper. He hated the industry. Complete neglect and ignorance of nature’s beauty, but it was greed that fueled his father’s fire.

This Hunnington Project wasn’t even necessary, but how could Michael pass up a thousand acres of lush land, for 10% below market value. He saw the land as a gold mine, an open band. Michael could be found saying “money does grow off trees,” and in a sense, he was right. The Hunnington project consided of four phases. Phase one; land. The land had been bought just after Thanksgiving last year, phase one complete. Phase two; resources. This would consist of HSP killing the helpless vegitation of the land in order to prepare it for production of paper products, this leads to phase three; production. And what this was all for, the sale, phase four, market.

John just needed to do something and, not just anything this time, it had to be drastic. John was planning on rounding up all of his activist friends for a rally he had planned to have at the Brazilian “Phase two” site. Since money was not an issue he had all 40 of his friends flown down to South America. Once arrived they met at a near by slum hotel, to discuss strategies. The plan was to rush the site in...

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Uploaded by:   artik

Date:   05/23/2006

Category:   Stories

Length:   3 pages (597 words)

Views:   7364

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'Nature's Way' A story for nature appreciation

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