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Greenhouse Effect and its Implication on Global Warming

Uploaded by SenoirT on Mar 12, 2013

Greenhouse effect refers to an atmospheric process by which short wavelengths of the visible light from the sun pass through the atmosphere where they are absorbed or trapped. However, part of light emitted from the sun in form of long wave is re-radiated from heated objects on the earth’s surface in to the atmosphere. Presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere does not allow the radiations to pass through. The greenhouse gas molecules are more complex than any air molecule and their structure has high heat absorption capacity. The heat radiated back to the earth’s surface to modulate its temperature (Davis, 9).
According to Parsons (23), this process is essential in order to support life. if this does not occur, the temperatures on the earth surface would be below freezing point and plant or animal life would be supported. however, human activtities in the past centuries have increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which inturn have increased the average temperature on the earth’s surface.
Greenhouse gases include water vapor, caborndixoide, nitrous oxide and methane. Acording to a report released by IPCC in 2007, there was a significant increase in production of greenhouse gases between the 19th and 20th century (Davis, 11).

Causes of greenhouse Gases and their impact
Increase in population has led to increased transportation and manufacturing. This implies rise in the combustion of fossil fuels including oil, gas and coal. Combustion of fossil fuels leads to emission of, among others, carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and this account for over 80% of the Carbon dioxide emission (Alastair, 77). Parsons (25) notes that the gases produced are more stable that stay very long in the atmosphere. Deforestation is a human activity which involves cutting down of trees. Major causes of deforestation include human settlement and wood for industrial use. It is important to note that trees and other vegetative cover play an important role in atmospheric balancing process by consuming carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Reduced absorption of carbon dioxide leads to its accumulation in the atmosphere.
Electrical appliances and chemicals are also sources of greenhouse gases. Refrigerators, fire extinguishers chemicals, aerosols and some industrial packages are major sources of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). This chemical compound is also very strong and can stay in the atmosphere for a very long period of time. Chlorofluorocarbons are seemingly environmentally safe, non-toxic and stable chemical...

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Uploaded by:   SenoirT

Date:   03/12/2013

Category:   Geography

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Greenhouse Effect and its Implication on Global Warming

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