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Essay on "Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus" and Mary Shelley

Uploaded by mugenfighter on May 14, 2013

Mary Shelley (1797-1851) Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus. Mary Shelley was the daughter of two literary celebrities. Her mother was a feminist and her farther was an anarchist. She eloped with Percy Bysshe Shelley in 1814. She married poet Percy Bysshe Shelley in the year 1816. Mary wrote and published several travel books and journals. She worked to promote her husbands work after his death in 1822; despite her marriage problems and life troubles. She wrote Frankenstein in 1818. Belle Assemblee review of Frankenstein in 1818. Blackwood’s Edinburgh magazine review of Frankenstein.

Frankenstein took place in the 18th century. The Northern Ice is cold, barren, and has ice. England is an island. Scotland is an island.

Victor Frankenstein created the monster, after discovering the secret to life; he had an innocent curiosity in science; becomes delusional and guilt ridden. The monster was nice in nature; he was vengeful when wronged; he burned down the cottage when he went back to it and discovered they sold it. Robert Walton saves Victor and listens to his story; he also has a scientific curiosity as a researcher; he leaves the northern ice after the monster left.

Victor abandons his monster after creating it and becomes ill. After recovering through the winter he returned to his apartment, and the monster was not there. After the monster kills his new wife Victor vows to destroy it. After tracking down the monster in the northern ice Victor almost chases it but fails and he becomes ill and is rescued by Robert Walton, tells his story and dies.

I liked this book because of the character development of both Dr. Frankenstein, his monster, and some other characters are pretty good. I disliked this book because while I did enjoy the dark theme it seems that Mary Shelley focused on it too much towards the end.

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Uploaded by:   mugenfighter

Date:   05/14/2013

Category:   Literature

Length:   1 pages (304 words)

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Essay on "Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus" and Mary Shelley

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