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Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte

Uploaded by HighSchooler on Apr 03, 2013


Napoleon was born on August 15 1769 in the town of Ajaccio on the island of Corsica. Corsica is a small island on the south-east of France near Italy. His parents names were Carlo (Charles) and Maria Buonaparte. He had one older brother and six younger siblings. His family was part of the lower nobility. He died on May 5 1821 at the age of 51 in Saint Helena Britain; he died of stomach cancer.

Corsica on a map

Napoleon moved to France at the age of 9. He was first enrolled in a religious school in the city of Autun to learn French in January of 1779. In May his father enrolled him and his brother in the aristocrats military school. He was bullied a lot because of his Corsican accent because of his social status. When he finished at that school he started at the Ecole Militaire in Paris. He was not an exceptional student but he had a passion for reading, and after he finished school he read to re-educate himself. Napoleon never learned how to spell but his teachers thought he had potential.

Italian Campaign
Napoleons Italian campaign took place from 1796-1797 between the French and the Austrians who ruled Italy. At the time Napoleons army was of only 38,000 men ,and the Austrians also had 38,000 men but they convinced their allies to fight against the French as well. The Piedmontese had 25,000 men which added up to a total of 63,000 men against the French. Napoleons decided he would isolate the Piedmontese and attack them first. The Piedmontese were quick to surrender on April 26 1796 after only two battles Montenotte and Mondovi Napoleon demanded silver and gold from his opponents. He used the silver and gold to pay his soldiers, and they were grateful for it had been a long time since they had been paid. When the French attacked Austria they fled and built a long narrow bridge, and dared Napoleon and his troops to cross it. The bridge was armed with 14 cannons and many soldiers ready to fight.His troops had a good reputation of being courageous so they charged across but halfway they retreated because of heavy fire. Napoleon urged his troops to go forward so they attempt to cross the bridge a second...

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Date:   04/03/2013

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Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte

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