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Analysis on "Of Mice and Men"

Uploaded by spootyhead on Mar 04, 2007

Analysis on "Of Mice and Men"

George and his ponderous friend Lennie followed a dusty path leading to the banks of the Salinas River, toting their only possessions - bedrolls and a few articles of clothing. Slow-minded Lennie had cost them their previous jobs; his innocent fascination with a young girl's red dress and his awkward attempt to touch it had frightened the girl, forcing them to flee a lynch mob. Now they were heading for a nearby ranch to sign on as barley bucks.

George reminded Lennie once again to let him do all the talking when they met with the ranch owner. Lennie promised that he would, and then begged George to tell him again about the farm they hoped to own one day:

"Come on, George. Tell me. Please, George. Like you done before, “You get a kick outta that, don't you?" George replied. "Awright, I'll tell you, and then we'll eat our supper ..." The dream farm will include all sorts of animals - and Lennie will be assigned to take care of the rabbits.

The two men neared the ranch. Using Lennie's love of animals as a means of control, George once more warned his friend that if he didn't keep quiet, or if he caused any trouble at the ranch, they wouldn't get the job they so badly needed; then they couldn't earn the money for their dream-farm.

As hiring negotiations began, the ranch boss questioned George about Lennie's quiet and slow manner. But George was ready with an excuse: "He's my ... cousin. I told his old lady I'd take care of him. He got kicked in the head by a horse when he was a kid. He's alright. just ain't bright."

Once they were hired, both George and Lennie went right to work. Later, as they waited for lunch to be served, in sauntered Curley, the ranch owner's son. He was there to look over the new men. After Curley had gone, Candy, the bunkhouse swamper, warned them about the young man. A former prizefighter, Curley took pleasure in boosting his ego by picking on others. He was also an insecure husband - he became insanely jealous of anyone who even got near his wife.

Seeming to sense that Curley would bring them trouble, Lennie now became agitated and nervous about the job; but with no money...

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Uploaded by:   spootyhead

Date:   03/04/2007

Category:   Literature

Length:   6 pages (1,273 words)

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Analysis on "Of Mice and Men"

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