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Canadian Law Schools and Courses

This paper consists of five pages and discusses courses featured at several law schools in Canada in a consideration of legal stud...

Going to Law School by Harry Castleman and Christopher Niewoehner

In five pages this report reviews the book's first few chapters in order to examine what valuable personality characteristics a la...

A Law School Admissions Essay

In a one page essay example consisting of six hundred words the love of law and desire for further study along with the motivation...

An Admissions Essay to Transfer to a New York Law School

sense of purpose. Academic achievement has always been in the forefront of my personal goals. During my four years of undergr...

Entrance Letter for Law School

NY, a diverse community that has a large minority population. Freeport is a community that has been negatively affected by drugs ...

Personal Essay on Law

My interest in the law began with donuts. As a child, I developed early persuasive skills during family disagreements on how to di...

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Personal Essay Veterinary Microbial Genetics

Once in a while I am approached by past research associates who heard that I "got out," as several of them put it, and who want to...

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