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Robin Hood Case Study

Uploaded by Sumeet on Mar 25, 2009

The Business Operations of Robin Hood and the Merrymen

Robin hood and the Merrymen are in the business to steal from the rich and give it to the needt. Th organisation which was started by Robinhood has grown large with lot of new recruits. Robinhood serves as the head of operating and has delegated few of the duties to his subordinated.
Merrymen need to overcome their largest competitor, the sheriff, who has become powerful and more organised. He is the biggest threat to Robinhood and his organisation. The Merrymen can adopt several strategies in order to overcome the sheriff.
1. Robinhood and his men can improvise internal operations in order to compete By finding internal strengths and overcoming their weakness they can capitalize on advantage thus gained.
2. Merrymen can focus on new market opportunity, competitive advantages, consumer expectations, competitor’s actions and technological advances.
3. Robinhood can choose the external and internal focus and perform a SWOT analysis to figure out the complete standing of the Merrymen compared to their competitors.
Problems Robinhood and his organisation face:
• Lack of discipline
• Maintenance Cost
• Shelter/Space shortage
• Food Shortage
• Training ( As everyone was welcomed to join the organisation)
• Maintenance and operating Cost
• Challenges to organise big and little trained group.
• Change management ( introducing a change for such a large group of people from different background)
• Goal alignment of the individual with that of a group
• Security and Vigilance (Because whoever wanted to join was taken in their could be spies and traitors in the group)

Issues that need to be addressed
• Organising group into one force with a common goal and objective. Establishing a mission and Vision for such a big organisation ad aligning people with it.
• It is clearly mentioned that the organisation was constantly recruiting people and their small bivouac grew into a major encampment. Hence, arranging food and shelter for such a large group is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.
• Keeping up with ever changing environmental and economic scenarios. The Sheriff continued to get strong and organised. Being a direct competitor it is very important for Robinhood to constantly keep a vigil at the ever changing environment. The Prince too for well known for his vindictiveness as he had spies all across the nation.
• Changing from old war methods to newer one which could utilise the workforce better.



Currently Robinhood’s organisation is much unorganised. He is assisted by three people for the functions and is certainly under employed. It...

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Uploaded by:   Sumeet

Date:   03/25/2009

Category:   Case Studies

Length:   4 pages (996 words)

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Robin Hood Case Study

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