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Case Study of E-Business www.jambase.com

Uploaded by spootyhead on Feb 19, 2007

Case Study of E-Business www.jambase.com

Industry and Company

Being the music lover that I am, it is important to me to stay up to date with the bands I follow as well as be able to find good places to see live music. This becomes a difficulty when traveling abroad as I am this summer. However, with the ease of the internet and the e-business strategy of Jambase.com, I am able to find current news, music merchandise and concerts most anywhere in the modern industrialized world.

With the slogan “Go see live music,” Jambase seeks to promote the live music and concert industry by providing a database of band schedules and venues that are easy to search through on their website. Originally started in 1998 as a mere way of listing when and where shows were in the jam-band genre of music, the site has developed into an online music community that, while still providing the same basic service, also offers music, merchandise, news feeds, online memberships and music and artist promotion in a successful e-business platform that is unique and easy to use. Jambase is successful in large because the creators of the site and those who run it are themselves music fans and share the same interests with the site users.

Jambase works as a business because for each listed show that one may search for, links are generated to the band and venue websites as well as to ticket sellers for which Jambase earns commission on. Jambase also provides its own ticket service for customers to purchase tickets. Bands and venues do not need to pay to be listed in the data base, however, the site provides promoters and advertisers a great marketing tool because of how targeted the market is. Jambase mentions this on their “About” page as well, offering advertisers a niche group of viewers that allows them to “cut through the clutter of the internet to reach dedicated fans.” Other areas of the site that add to the user experience and the value of the site are the ease with which one can be linked to another site to purchase music, the various online merchandise stores, free membership subscription and up to date music and news feeds.

The site operates in a fairly competitive market as anyone can set up a similar site and provide the links to ticket and music sales. However, what Jambase does have...

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Uploaded by:   spootyhead

Date:   02/19/2007

Category:   Case Studies

Length:   10 pages (2,326 words)

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Case Study of E-Business www.jambase.com

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